I saw your heart in supermarket by Umar yogiza jr

i saw your heart in supermarket

i saw your heart in supermarket
so glowing and ensnaring
upon my heart so wretched:
no money, no tricks for stealing

your beauty unlocked my heart
dislodged every old unlockables
lining up before my eyes is stealable
but fear spoiled the pleasure

what a wonderful product you are
from the dust, you sit there so long
from the shelve, you’re unripe
but you keep on crying, steal me, steal me

nothing beat pleading call in my heart
i think i can’t hold it any longer
following rules kill unlearn creativity
on that shelve; a beauty call me silently

who’d believe me if i am caught?
who’d trust this version of the facts?
i can still imitate this voice in my ears
it, says- help me, steal me dear poet

it says- help me i belong to nobody
in this most stolen hour, i belong to everybody
my thoughts sigh, my head pang
my sweat flow hot and dried

writing this from memory; it hurt
the day i meet her stealer in court
i am glad i reach home hands empty
and left her cry to nature’s otherness

© Umar Yogiza Jr.

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