Yogiza jr’s coincident of ethics

i’ll celebrate my tomorrow

when new night grow old
at white night
at the time
when the hope is weak and less burden
and human brain is working solo
working hard without employment

at that foreign hour
i’ll watch, only me
i know you are there too
for me to know you are there
i am a journey
without a stranger
through the window of immortality
i’ll watch over this simple festival
a destination; measuring
forest over treasonable mountains
of possibilities
and impossibilities
i am not to be far
but lived afar by fate
from future’s window the strategy is chaos
longer and it will trudge unstop

my eyes refused to fixed on
my thoughts
my reasons randomly Ignored
everything making sense
i see life as a comedy of
vices, griefs, melancholy, sickness and death

am i alone?
am i unknown?
how frightening can hope of love lead
am i making sense?
can i stoop at this crossroad
driving by my style of poetry?

at times sadness lead
at times imminent unpredictable lead
at times day will resemble night in me
and only me see what i feel
the unknown blow wounding
falling on me without knowing why
like the coming of morning and evening

at time thoughts of sailing to grave matter
going down to that cold and darkness
that silent frightened loneliness
might be the only peace i need
can it eat memory like distance?

when i do arrived
which i will be without my senses
buried me in your heart
a tomb of glass for me in your memories
is what i need for my poems every dawn

© Umar Yogiza Jr.

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