The world through my lens


In my childhood, I was taught by my teachers to imagine this world so colorful. As I grew up, I saw its another face. Though it was darker, it made my imaginary world look intense.

PS: Imaginary world – Paper Weight








A little man often cast a long shadow.

The actual picture is you see when you flip the phone upside down. This shot was made when a little boy was sitting at the fence ahead of the street light which made a great shadow of him on the rainy streets of busy city.




Peaceful Warrior⚔️:

Life is not a war that comes to peace after a heavy battle. You fight all your odds to protect this one broken heart. You stick again, you fall again. You built huge barriers, you breakdown from the base. A person’s ethics is not tested in good times. It is only in bad times that a person shows how steadfast she is to her dreams. If you are going through tough times, make your soul at peace and keep the fight going, for the victory is near.


©Dhatchayini Arunachalam


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