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1DollarPublications is an innovative E-Book portal by 5Bees TechnologiesTM – India. We encourage writers and artists of any genre to publish their talent on the portal in digital formats. In addition, businesses can publish their e-brochures, PPT presentations, and Whitepapers, which can be freely downloaded from the site. They can be typed content, images or even videos. In addition, we give exposure to the thousands of startups as well as artists across the world. Interestingly, we only charge 60 Rupees per year (1 USD/year) to publish your work on the site. And hey! Students can get merit for their work by publishing with us! No bespectacled/big-bellied professor isn’t going to steal your idea!

That is not all! Post as many number of blogs you want to in any language you prefer! 1DollarPublications was founded with the idea of giving people a window to express themselves, with no self-acclaimed expert telling you what is right and what is wrong. Express yourself in any method digitally possible.

“Our principle and strategy is simple. This platform wasn’t established to maximize profits. There already several giant corporates doing the same. Everything in today’s world will cost you; even if it is for showcasing your own talent or  your own idea.  Now, you can’t expect Satya Nadella or Akshay Kothari or even perhaps the respectable Primite Minister of the country to notice you if you don’t invest money for it right?…Wrong! 1DollarPublications gives you the space at the cost of 1Dollar, which is 60 Rupees! Now, when the fortunate ones go in search of seed funding from foreign investors, we keep you ‘One Step Ahead’!

What do we publish?

    • E-books and E-magazines
    • Business E-Brochures
    • PowerPoint presentations
    • Collection of paintings & photographs
    • Subject Matter Blogs
    • Latest Job Vacancies and Resumes

We aim to give a window to the thousands of unnoticed talent across the world. 1DollarPublications has tied up with firms across India, as well as a few across the world to get the maximum exposure. Visitors to the site can also read blogs from a number of subject matter experts who have volunteered to be guest bloggers on the site.

The brand of 1DollarPublications invites advertisements from different entrepreneurs and professionals.  We assist you in spreading your organization’s brand through every book and blog published on the site.

Do you want to publish your work?

Do you want to generate business leads globally?

Then, 1DollarPublications gives you the solution; as we keep you one step ahead!                                

We request you to contribute to our cause.

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